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Return Man 6 – Wideout

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wideout_600x600Return Man is a game series developed by ESPN. All the versions are very popular and most people that love watching American Football will find this game just awesome. In addition to the great graphics and nice gameplay, player will get a lot of positive emotions while playing it. The most recent version of the game is called Return Man 6. In this version you are going to become a NFL receiver who has to run perfect distance and get the pass to score a touchdown. Catching pass in this game is rather difficult task, because the defenders are going to cut the pass. Player's mission is to run the route (green line) in time and get the ball. The final point of the route is a yellow circle. As you start the round, its important to start moving fast. Your time is limited and every wrong actions can cause fail.

Like the previous version of the game, your player in Return Man 6 has ability to make special moves to avoid hitting the enemy defender.

The controls for the game are:
[I] – Run forward
[J] – Run left
[K] – Run back
[L] – Run Right    Or Use Arrow Keys to run

Press [SPACE] to Catch Pass
[A] – It's first special move and it's called Jump Catch
[S] – The second move is called  After Burner
[D] - This one will unlock at the end. It's called Diving Catch.

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